Get updated on all bills and regulations across every Canadian jurisdiction, delivered twice a day.

What is the All Laws Report?

Codify's Weekly Update captures every bill and regulation in all Canadian jurisdictions, and deliver an update twice a day.

Who benefits from this?

This publication was designed for legal information professionals at large organizations, who need to monitor a wide array of legislative changes.

Where is the information sourced?

The All Laws report scrapes information straight from legislative assemblies and gazettes across the country.

What is the cost?

To help support the community throughout the current crisis, it is free for all users.

Afterwards, the All Laws Report will cost $200 / month. It is shareable across the organization at no addition cost.

How can I contribute?

Codify is looking to bring on Associate Editors for a number of our publications. If you, or anyone you know is interested in joining our team, please email our director, John Wu at