Below is a short passage outlining our promise to you,

the people who enable us to do what we do.


Our mission: to establish a global database of legislation, accessible by anyone with an internet connection. In achieving this, there are 3 essential responsibilities we must uphold.

Firstly, we have a responsibility to be useful.

We must be vigilant in ensuring that the information we provide is accurate, and is delivered promptly. We must provide information in formats that are easy for our users, and our partners to work with. We must meet our clients where they are, instead of expecting them to come to us, and constantly strive to improve upon existing services. In doing so, we will help people build smarter organizations, deliver better advice, and make new discoveries in law and public policy.

Secondly, we have a responsibility to ensure the legal information we provide is accessible.

We must always look to create and service new blue ocean markets, not just what's in front of us. Servicing those who traditionally work with legislation is a given. But in making information more plentiful, we have the opportunity to break down barriers, so that others can participate. There are too many individuals and organizations that should be engaging with legislation, but have not been able to. To this end, we must ensure that access is at the heart of what we do. This includes making legal information available at lower costs, developing more easily accessible technologies, and working with non-profit organizations to disseminate legal information to historically disadvantaged players.

Finally, we must ensure that the business turns a sound profit.

We have a duty to ensure a fair return for our employees, our shareholders, and our partners. We owe a duty to ourselves to continue to ensure the long-term sustainability of our mission. We must constantly seek out new ways to deliver value to our customers, who enable us to sustain and grow our project. Innovative pricing models must be developed, to ensure that our services can be delivered at fair prices.

Through these principles, we will revolutionize the legal industry.

We will enable researchers to make more discoveries. Help lawmakers create better drafts. Help legal professionals deliver better advice. Help businesses save time and money, thereby creating more value for all stakeholder. And ultimately, we help connect the people of the world with the laws that underpin their society.

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